Входной контроль 4 класс к учебнику Афанасьева, Верещагина

Входной контроль по английскому языку

4 класс (сентябрь 2016)

Pupil`s name ____________________

71 – 65 баллов – «5»

64 — 54 баллов – «4»

53 – 36 баллов – «3»

0 – 35 баллов – «2»

  1. Аудирование (Tests CD, Track 1) (10 баллов)

Базовый уровень. (5 баллов)

  1. Ann is at school / at home now.

  2. It is morning / afternoon.

  3. Ann’s lessons starts at 3 o’clock / 2 o’clock.

  4. Ann likes to play computer games / tennis.

  5. Bob’s brother Mike is 17 /18.

Повышенный уровень (5 баллов) Отметь является утверждение верным true (T) или неверным false (F).

  1. The boy is at school.

  2. The girl’s holidays are in July and August.

  3. The boy doesn’t have many holidays.

  4. The girl buys a lot of computer games.

  5. The boy has two brothers.

True / Fase

True / Fase

True / Fase

True / Fase

True / Fase

  1. Чтение. (10 баллов)

Прочитай текст о прошлых выходных Тессы (Tessa).

Last weekend was very pleasant for Tessa. On Saturday morning she was at home but on Saturday afternoon she was in the park with her friends. It wasn’t windy or rainy. The day was warm and sunny and Tessa was happy. In the evening Tessa was in the swimming pool.

On Sunday Tessa’s brother and Tessa were in their grandmother’s cottage. Their parents were not with them, they were at work. It was foggy and windy on Sunday and the children were in the cottage together with their grandmother and her little dog. The dog was not happy. It likes to run but it can’t run in the cottage.

It is Monday evening now. The children aren’t walking in the park, they are at home. It is rainy and cold in the street. The sky is cloudy/ Tessa doesn’t like nasty weather but her father does. Ye is putting on his boots and coat. Нe wants to go to the shop and buy some food.

Оn Saturday – в субботу

Оn Sunday – в воскресенье

Базовый уровень. Подчеркни правильный ответ (5 баллов)

  1. Andy is … a girl / a funny boy.

  2. On Sunday the weather was. ………nice and sunny / foggy and windy / cloudy and windy.

  3. On Sunday Tessa’s brother and Tessa were…………..in the park / in their grandmother’s cottage.

  4. The grandmother’s dog was…………..happy / sad on Sunday.

  5. When it is nasty weather Tessa’s father puts……….trousers and shirt/ boots and coat / shorts and T-shirt.

Повышенный уровень. Отметь, если утверждения после текста верные обведи (True), если неверные (False). (5 баллов)

  1. On Saturday afternoon Tessa was at home. True / False

  1. Tessa’s brother was in the park on Sunday.

True / False

  1. The weather wasn’t fine on Sunday.

True / False

  1. The children are in the cinema now.

True / False

  1. The sun is shining in the blue sky now.

True / False

  1. Лексико – грамматический контроль ( 51 балл)

Базовый уровень (27 баллов).

Задание 1. (6 баллов)

Cucumber bread and cheese vegetables coffee with sugar porridge chicken

Задание 2. Выбери правильный ответ. (6 баллов)

  1. Yesterday morning they ________ at 7 o’clock.

  1. are getting up b) got up c) get up

  1. She ________ books every evening.

  1. reads b) read c) is reading.

  1. They ________ an exercise now.

  1. wrote b) write c) are writing

  1. The girl ________ with her friends now.

  1. is skipping b) skip c)skipped

  1. We ________ every day.

a) watched TV b) watch TV c) are watching

6) Yesterday afternoon Kitty________ her mother about the house.

a) is helping b) helps c) helped

Задание 3. Размести слова в нужные колонки. (12 баллов)

cars, water, books, tea, coffee, eggs, milk, sugar, sandwiches, bread, snow, pupils

Задание 4. Вставь нужную форму прилагательного. (3 балла)

  1. The Everest is the (high)____________________mountain in the world.

  2. Monkeys have (long)______________________ tails.

  3. Winters are (cold)_________________________ then summers.

Повышенный уровень. (24 балла).

Задание 5. Найди лишнее по смыслу слово и подчерни его. (5 баллов)

  1. breakfast supper a book lunch

  2. a dress a skirt a blouse troursers

  3. ice-cream porridge eggs coffee

  4. a nose an eye a mouth a leg

  5. a goat an elephant a lion a hippo

Задание 6. Вставь в пропуски is, are, some, any, no, not (15 баллов).

  1. ____there____coffee in this cup? – Yes, there___ ___. I`d love to have a cup of coffee.

  2. — ____there____apples on the table? – Yes, there ____ ____.

  3. — I`d like to hava a glass of milk. I`m sorry, there ____ ____. Will you have some tea instead?

  4. — I have a sweet tooth. ____ there ____ sweets? – Sorry, there____ ____ sweets, but there_____ a lot of tasty apples there. Help yourself to the apples, please.

Задание 7. Раскрой скобки, поставив глагол в нужную временную форму. (4 балла)

  1. Не always (do)_________________________________ his homework at home.

  2. Look! She (play)__________________________________________ in the yard.

  3. Yesterday we (buy)_______________________________________ nice flowers.

  4. Tomorrow my brother (go)___________________________________to the Zoo.



A: Hello! How are you?

B: I’m fine. It’s good to speak to you. Are you at home or at school?

A: I’m at school. It’s lunch time, and my lessons start at two o’clock. I’m in the

classroom with my friends. Where are you?

B: I’m at home. We don’t have school today. It’s a holiday!

A: Lucky you! In my country, we don’t have any holiday in June. Our holiday is

in July and August.

B: We have holidays then too!

A: Wow! Are you in the garden?

B: No. We don’t have a big garden. I’m in my room and I’m on the computer. I

play computer games in my free time.

A: I play computer games too. I like the new Fantasy World game. My sister has

a lot of games. I don’t buy them. I play her games!

B: What about sports? I play tennis on Saturdays and football on Mondays.

A: I don’t play sport. I watch it on TV. I like watching football. Have you got a


B: No, but I’ve got two brothers. They’re very good at football. Mike is 17 and he

plays football in London. Sometimes he’s on TV.

A: That’s good! I’d like to meet him!

B: Come to England and stay with me and then you can meet him. You can come

in August. We can have a really good time!

A: Thanks. I’d like to come and stay with you! Oh, it’s two o’clock. Now I have a

biology lesson. Send me an email on your computer.

B: OK. My mum can speak to your mum about the holiday.

A: Great! Oh, here’s the teacher. ‘Bye!!


Итоговые проверочные тесты по четвертям к учебнику И.Н. Верещагиной, О.В. Афанасьевой для 4-го класса

Test 1 (I term)

Test 2 (II term)

Test 3 (III term)

Test 4 (IV term)


Test I

1) c 2) c 3) c 4) a 5) c 6) a 7) b 8) c 9) d 10) a 11) c 12) c 13) c 14) c 15) d

Test II

1) b 2) c 3) b 4) c 5) b 6) a 7) b 8) c 9) b 10) c 11) b 12) b 13) b 14) c 15) a

Test III

1) b 2) b 3) b 4) c 5) b 6) c 7) b 8) b 9) c 10) b 11) b 12) b 13) c 14) b 15) c

Test IV

1) c 2) a 3) b 4) b 5) a 6) b 7) a 8) b 9) a 10) c 11) b 12) b 13) b 14) b 15) c

Проверочные тесты

К учебнику Английский язык для IV класса школ с углубленным изучением английского языка авт. И.Н. Верещагина, О.В. Афанасьева

Test I Term

Choose the correct answer.

1. In the winter the days are … than in summer.
a. longer c. shorter
b. larger d. warmer
2. Bananas are … than apples.
a. tasty c. tastier
b. tastyer d. more tastier
3. There … many sweets in the vase.
a. is c. are
b. be d. been
4. There … some butter in the fridge.
a. is c. be
b. are d. been
5. Nick’s car is … than Mike’s car
a. good c. better
b. gooder d. the best
6. This book is … than that book.
a. worse c. bad
b. the worst d. badly
7. It often … in spring.
a. is raining c. rain
b. rains d. raining
8. … you put on a new dress tomorrow?
a. Do c. Will
b. Are d. Did
9. My brother and I … at the Zoo yesterday.
a. are c. was
b. is d. were
10. Never laugh … old people.
a. at c. on
b. in d. of
11. We don’t go to school … Sunday.
a. in c. on
b. at d. at
12. He is never late … school.
a. of c. For
b. in d. at
13. She can sing, …?
a. doesn’t she c. can’t she
b. can she d. isn’t she
14. They never laugh in class, …
a. don’t they c. are they
b. do they d. aren’t they
15. What do you buy in shoe shops?
a. blouses c. jeans
b. trouses d. high boots

Test II term

Choose the correct answer

1. It often …… in winter here.
a. snow c. Snowed
b. snows d. is snowing
2. Look! Nick’s sister …… for a walk.
a. goes c. is going
b. has gone d. went
3. He never goes to school … car.
a. on c. to
b. by d. in
4. He is never late for classes, …?
a. don’t he c. is he
b. isn’t he d. aren’t he
5. They left for London 3 days ago, …?
a. did they c. don’t they
b. didn’t they d. doesn’t they
6. … Tuesday we get up rather early.
a. on c. in
b. at d. to
7. Never laugh … old people.
a. in c. of
b. at d. from
8. I usually come home … 2 o’clock in the afternoon.
a. in c. at
b. on d. for
9. She lives in London, ……?
a. does she c. is she
b. doesn’t she d. isn’t she
10. He could swim well, ……?
a. could he c. couldn’t he
b. can he d. doesn’t he
11. She …… her grandparents next summer.
a. was visiting c. visit
b. will visit d. visits
12. I …… my friends on my way to school yesterday.
a. meet c. meets
b. met d. am meeting
13. Give me a ball, please. We …… to play football.
a. is going c. go
b. are going d. went
14. The weather is hot and I …… to swim in the river.
a. is going c. am going
b. are going d. go
15. He usually …… new words in class.
a. writes c. wrote
b. is writing d. will write

Test III Term

Choose the correct answer.

1. When … your school day over?
a. are c. do
b. is d. does
2. How often do you see Nick? I see him … a week.
a. two c. second
b. twice d. one
3. Bill is a … chess player. He plays ….
a. good/best c. well/good
b. good/well d. good/better
4. There is no river behind my house, ….
a. isn’t it c. is there
b. isn’t there d. is it
5. we didn’t live in a small house last year, ….
a. didn’t we c. don’t we
b. did we d. were we
6. He came in time, ….
a. can he c. didn’t he
b. don’t he d. is he
7. I live … 24 Primrose Street.
a. in c. on
b. at d. of
8. They lived … America … 1990.
a. in/on c. in/in
b. on/on d. at/at
9. I … to London a week ago.
a. go c. went
b. has gone d. was going
10. … there any bridges over the Moskva river?
a. is c. has
b. are d. have
11. Have you ever been … Africa?
a. in c. on
b. to d. at
12. She has not met her boss …
a. already c. just
b. yet d. never’
13. London stands on the River …
a. Nike c. Thames
b. Moskva d. Tyne
14. You can see a famous monument … Pushkin in one of Moscow squares.
a. of c. at
b. to d. for
15. London is the capital of ….
a. Scotland c. England
b. Wales d. Ireland

Test IV Term

Choose the correct answer.

1. We … already … our work.
a. has done c. have done
b. is doing d. are doing
2. How long … it take them to write a test last week?
a. will c. did
b. has d. does
3. William the Conqueror built the ….
a. Red Tower c. Black Tower
b. White Tower d. Yellow Tower
4. Westminster Abbey is famous … the Poet’s Corner.
a. of c. at
b. for d. to
5. When did you arrive … England?
a. in c. to
b. at d. for
6. Nick likes to travel … plane.
a. on c. at
b. by d. in
7. There is … bread on the table.
a. little c. a
b. few d. an
8. … me whey you live, please.
a. Say c. Speak
b. Tell d. Retell
9. A … brings milk to us every day.
a. milkman c. milkmans
b. milkmen d. milkmens
10. We are all interested … English.
a. at c. in
b. of d. to
11. Columbus made … trips in all to the New World.
a. two c. three
b. four d. five
12. Mr. Brown has been here … 3 days.
a. since c. in
b. for d. to
13. … Volga is … longest river in the Europe.
a. a/a c. an/an
b. the/the d. the/a
14. The Russian national flag has three wide stripes on it. They are white, blue and….
a. yellow c. green
b. red d. black
15. May I ask you for …?
a. advices c. advice
b. an advice d. two advices

Тесты для 4 класса по УМК И.Н. Верещагиной (итоговый контроль)

Итоговый контроль по английскому языку для учащихся с углубленным изучением английского языка по УМК И.Н. Верещагиной.  Первое задание  на  соотнесение транскрипции со словом, второе задание — на знание грамматики,   выбор правильного варианта ответа  и третье задание — чтение, краткие ответы на вопросы (дети часто  не могут кратко ответить на вопрос и списывают все предложение, где есть ответ на вопрос). 

Просмотр содержимого документа

«Тесты для 4 класса по УМК И.Н. Верещагиной (итоговый контроль)»



1. Прочитай транскрипции AF и слова 1-6. Подбери слова к транскрипции и впиши нужную букву к цифре.

a. [kʋk] 1. party

b. [´skɔtlənd] 2.parents

c. [t∫ips] 3.Scotland

d. [pa:ti] 4.school

e. [´peərents] 5.chips

f. [sku:l] 6. Cook


2.Выбери правильный вариант

1.Can your mum (speak/to speak) a foreign language?

2. Robin Hood and his (men/man) lived in Sherwood forest.

3.How often (does it rain/it rains) in St. Petersburg.

4. I read all the books about Harry Potter because I like (them/they).

5.Why (it is/is it) important to learn English?

6. In Australia (it/there) in summer in January.

7. They think they (will go/went) to the USA next summer.


3. Найди ответы на вопросы в тексте. Прочитай вопросы, затем прочитай текст и ищи в нем нужную информацию. Пиши только краткий ответ, не нужно выписывать из текста все предложение.


London has many famous shops and stores. But many people prefer to go to street markets, because they are really places. Most of them work only at weekends.

In Portobello Road they sell old things – old, but interesting things. It’s a collector’s market. Here you can find a lot of unusual things – old matchboxes, old pictures from China.

Covent Garden is another famous place in the centre of London. The very old fruit and vegetable market is not there now. The big trucks take the fruit and vegetables to a new market near the Thames. Without the trucks and the market Covent Garden is a different place. But it is still a busy place. It has new shops and cafes. You can sit at a café table and listen to music. You can meet friends and sit in the sun – or sit out of the rain in the old market buildings.

1. What is not there in Covent Garden now?

2. Where can you go shopping to the street markets?

3. Where can you buy old things for your collections?

4. Where is Covent Garden?

5. What is there in Covent Garden now?

6. Where can you hide from the rain in rainy weather?

Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому 4 класс углубленка (Верещагина)

Итоговая контрольная работа

по английскому языку 4 класс углубленка

1 вариант

Задание№ 1

Complete the sentences with the right prepositions:

1.Have you ever travelled ………………… the North?

2.She spent her summer ……………. the seaside.

3.They always speak ……………. a quiet voice.

4.When is the plane arriving …………………. the airport?

5.They will go ………….. a three-day journey soon.

Задание № 2

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form

1. ____she ever ____________ stamps? (to collect)

2. He ______________in collecting stamps. (to specialize)

3. What _______________to the boy last summer? (to happen)

4. Look! My brother _______________in this perfomance. (to take part)

5. The house ________________full next Sunday. (to be)

Задание № 3

Translate into English

  1. Восемь часов. — ____________________________________________

  2. Без четверти два.-__________________________________________

  3. Половина седьмого.-________________________________________

  4. Двадцать минут шестого.-____________________________________

  5. Четверть девятого.-_________________________________________

Задание № 4

Choose the right variant (Выберите правильный вариант)

1. On Tuesday we have ______work to do.

a. much

b. many

c. a lot of

2. Paul has eaten _______porridge, hasn’t he?

a. much

b. many

c. a lot of

3. Does your sister have _______friends at school?

a. much

b. many

c. a lot of

4. There are _______ museums in London.

a. much

b. many

c. a lot of

5. He has got _____free time.

a. a little

b. a few

c. any

6. There are ______badges in my collection yet.

a. little

b. few

c. any

7. There were not_______ plates on the table.

a. a little

b. a few

c. any

8. They will come _____.

a. soon

b. alredy

c. two days ago

9. The weather is hot and sunny____________.

a. last summer

c. already

b. in summer

10. Have you visited this place ____?

a. last year

b. before

c. next winter

Задание №5

Задайте 5 типов вопросов к предложению

My parents have visited America this spring.

  1. General question (общий вопрос) ________________________________________________________________

  2. Alternative question (альтернативный вопрос) ________________________________________________________________

  3. Tag question (разделительный вопрос) ________________________________________________________________

  4. Special question (специальный вопрос) ________________________________________________________________

  5. Question to the subject (вопрос к подлежащему) ________________________________________________________________

Итоговая контрольная работа

по английскому языку 4 класс углубленка

2 вариант

Задание№ 1

Complete the sentences with the right prepositions:

1.My friends have never travelled ………………… plane?

2.Did she go ……………. the seaside last summer?

3. He is ill and speaks …………….a weak voice.

4. My parents haven’t arrived …………London yet.

5. You may have a voyage ………..the river too.

Задание № 2

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form

1. ____she ever ____________ what happens? (to care)

2. He ________always a great success at concerts. (to be)

3. Who ______________the boyabout my plan last week? (to tell)

4. My brother _______________to me but he doesn’t hear anything. (to listen)

5. We ________________our imagination next lesson. (to use)

Задание № 3

Translate into English

  1. Пять часов. — ______________________________________________________

  2. Без четверти одиннадцать.-__________________________________________

  3. Половина третьего.-________________________________________________

  4. Десять минут шестого.-_____________________________________________

  5. Четверть первого.-_________________________________________________

Задание № 4

Choose the right variant (Выберите правильный вариант)

1. In summer we have ______free time.

a. much

b. many

c. a lot of

2. We don’t have _______juice, do we?

a. much

b. many

c. a lot of

3. Does your granny have _______flowers in the garden?

a. much

c. many

b. a lot of

4. There are _______ cartoons in the programme.

a. much

b. many

c. a lot of

5. She has got _____work.

a. a little

b. a few

c. any

6. There are ______photos in my album yet.

a. little

b. few

c. any

7. There were not_______ pictures above the sofa.

a. a little

b. a few

c. any

8. We will answer the question _____.

a. next Wednesday

b. before

c. last week

9. A cold wind doesn’t blow____________.

a. last summer

c. already

b. in summer

10. Has she read this novel ____?

a. last year

b. before

c. next winter

Задание №5

Задайте 5 типов вопросов к предложению

The children have eaten all oranges today .

  1. General question (общий вопрос) ________________________________________________________________

  2. Alternative question (альтернативный вопрос) ________________________________________________________________

  3. Tag question (разделительный вопрос) ________________________________________________________________

  4. Special question (специальный вопрос) ________________________________________________________________

  5. Question to the subject (вопрос к подлежащему) ________________________________________________________________

Входной контроль по английскому языку для 4 класса

Входной контроль по английскому языку для 4 класса «Rainbow English»

Пояснительная записка.

Контрольная работа представлена в виде теста

Цель проведения: определить уровень знаний, умений и навыков учащихся на начало учебного года.

На выполнение работы отводится 45 минут


NAME: ………………………………………………. DATE….……………………

CLASS: ……………………………………………… MARK: _________________

1. Напишите по- английски

Моя кошка, его кошка, её кошка, наша кошка, их кошка, твоя лиса, ваша лиса, их сестра, наш ящик, наша сумка

2. Соедините предложения

1. I have got a brother У него ( у нее есть брат)

2. She has got a brother У него есть брат

3 . It has got a brother У нее есть брат

4. We have got a brother У нас есть брат

5. He has got a brother У меня есть брат

3. Кто в каком домике живет

duck month cap tables

banana books

sisters clock day

balls houses seasons

cow toys

4.Переведите словосочетания

This bear, this monkey, that cat, that bird, this kitten, that pupil, those bags, these boxes, these ducks, those elephants

5. Выберите глагол в правильной форме

I (like / likes ) apples. My dad (swims / swim ) in the morning.

They ( sleep / sleeps ) at night. Harry and Emily ( meets / meet ) under a old big tree.

My mother ( cooks / cook ) in the evening.

  1. Переведите предложения на русский

Ben rides a horse well.

Ann rides a horse but not very well.

You can see a cook.

His name is Dan Scott.

He is from Boston.

He is a good cook a very good cook.

  1. Переведите на английский.

Я могу читать хорошо.

Она может хорошо готовить.

Дети хорошо прыгают.

Я люблю есть бананы.

Они любят есть яблоки.

Аня любит петь.

  1. Переведите глаголы

Read, speak, eat, teach, sleep, feed, ride, meet, help, kiss, run, jump, swim, help, play, ride, cook

Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку, 4 класс (УМК Верещагиной и др.)

1. Fill in the missing words:

Вставь в текст пропущенные слова: read, had, sang, school, very well

Baby Elephant was six. He lived with his mother and father in Africa. He didn`t go to ______________________ . He couldn`t ___________ and write. But he could draw ________________. He liked to draw hats. He ____________ a lot of friends. They played and ______________ together.

2. Choose the correct form:

1. They…. me next week.

2. Tom…. a new flat five years ago.

3. My parents…in London for five years

4. Jane usually …up at seven o’clock.

5. What game..you ..yesterday ?

  1. Lived b) have lived c) has lived

3. Ask the questions:

Задайте вопросы:

1 Ann works in a hospital ( Where ).

2 Sam works in a bank ( Where ).

3 They saw our friends last weekend (Whom ).

4. Match the words:

Подберите к слову русский перевод :

1 Sailor a) площадь

2 Cartoon b) цветок

3 Kitchen c) дорога

4 Flower d) внизу

5 Road e) морское побережье

6 Downstairs f) моряк

7 Seaside g) мультипликационный фильм

8 Square h) кухня

5. Form the degrees of comparison:

Образуйте степени сравнения:

1.Good- ……………-…………….

2. nice-…………..-…………….

3. beautiful-………………-…………

4. big-…………….-…………….

5. tasty-……………..-……………

6. Make up sentences:

Составь предложения:


2.(she, When, will, buy, her flowers)? ___________________________________________________________________

3.(didn`t, Helen, her, see, friends, two days ago). _________________________________________________________________

7. Put the verbs in brackets into the Past Simple:

Поставь глаголы в скобках в Past Simple:

  1. He …………..(be) at school yesterday.

  2. I …………….(live) in London last year.

  3. She ………………..(celebrate) her birthday last week.

4. I ……………(listen) to a very beautiful song two days ago.

8. Read the text and mark the statements T (true), F (false) or DS (doesn’t say):

Прочитай текст и отметь T(верно), F (не верно), DS (не сказано):

Season of School Friends!

BOB: · Hi, Tim! How are you?

TIM: Fine, thanks. By the way, where did you go in June?

BOB: I visited my Russian cousins and we had a good time together.

TIM: In ·June? But what about school?

BOB: Russian schoolchildren have holidays in June, July and August!

TIM: And we have classes…

BOB: Yes, Russian school is very different! First, pupils come home earlier than we do. At two or three. —

TIM: Yes, that’s better. I don’t like to come. home at about 5 o’clock.

BOB: Then, we have P.E. classes every day but in Russia they . don’t.

TIM: I love our swimming classes! Have they got swimming pools in their schools?

BOB: Well, my cousin told me that some schools have got pools but their school · hasn’t.

TIM: They can’t swim! .. .

BOB: Yes, they can. My cousins and often swam in the river!

TIM: Is their school neat the river? What -is its name then?

BOB: Well, Tim, Russian schools haven’t got names. Their school is number 1256.

TIM: I think it’s an old school. Was it built in 1256?

BOB: How funny you are! Of course, it wasn’t. It is just a number. —

True (T), false (F), doesn’t say (DS)?

1. Bob was in Russia in summer. _________

2. Bob and ·his cousins went to the .park. _________

3. Bob and Tim come home at two· or three o’clock. _________

4. Bob and Tim have P.E. classes every day. _________

5. Bob’s cousins have got a swimming pool in their school. _________

6. Bob’s cousins have swimming lessons in the river. _________

7. Russian school number 1256 is 1256 years old. _________

10.Use the email below as a model to write an answer to Paul :

Напиши ответ Полю, используя данное электронное письмо как образец:

Dear Friend, 

My name is Paul. I am ten and I go to school. My birthday is on the 12th of March. I live with my Mum and Dad. I like to play football with my friends and listen to the music. I like summer. I can swim well. I have a cat. My cat’s name is Tom. Tom is funny. 

My favourite food is ice-cream. And what about you? 


Dear ______________________________ 
Thank you for your letter. 
My name is_________________________ 
I am______________________________ 
My birthday is________________________________________ 
I like to_____________________________________________ 
I like _______________________________________________ 
I can________________________________________________ 
I have _______________________________________________ 
My favourite food is ____________________________________ 
Best wishes,


Тест по иностранному языку на тему: Лексико-грамматическая контрольная работа (тест) для учащихся 4 класса школ с углубленным изучением английского языка (по УМК И.Н.Верещагиной «Английский язык»)

Лексико-грамматическая контрольная работа (тест) для учащихся 4 класса

по УМК «Английский язык» И.Н.Верещагиной, О.В.Афанасьевой

 (для школ с углубленным изучением английского языка) в рамках

базовой темы: “School life”

Variant I

Part I “Lexical test”

Task: choose the right variant:

  1. ___________comes after Monday.
  1. Thursday
  2. Tuesday
  3. Sunday
  4. Friday
  1. ___________are usually days off. People call them “week-end”.
  1. Tuesday and Wednesday
  2. Sunday and Saturday
  3. Monday and Tuesday
  4. Saturday and Monday
  1. In our _________class we run, jump or play games.
  1. English
  2. Geography
  3. Physical Education
  4. Handicraft
  1. – What’s the time?
  1. _______________
  1. The time is five.
  2. Today is Monday.
  3. It’s half past five.
  4. It’s autumn now.
  1. I’ve got a lot of problems with Maths, because Maths is a ____________ lesson for me.
  1. funny
  2. interesting
  3. happy
  4. difficult
  1. Sally is a new pupil in our class, but we all like her very much, because she is easy to ________________.
  1. get
  2. take off
  3. get on
  4. come in
  1. The game ________over.
  1. gets
  2. ——
  3. is
  4. be over
  1. — ____________________
  1. I go to the cinema once a month.
  1. When do you go to the cinema?
  2. How often do you go to the cinema?
  3. What time do you go to the cinema?
  4. Why do you often go to the cinema?
  1. In big cities people live in ________ , but in the country many families live in _________ .
  1. small houses, clean homes
  2. living rooms, bathrooms
  3. upstairs, downstairs
  4. comfortable flats, country houses
  1. There was not much ________ in our hotel room.
  1. chairs
  2. fireplace
  3. people
  4. furniture
  1. English people say “I haven’t seen you for ages” if _______________.
  1. they haven’t seen their friends before
  2. they are in a hurry
  3. they haven’t seen their friends for a long time
  4. they don’t know what to say
  1. Sam has ______ finished his homework, now he can go for a walk.
  1. ever
  2. already
  3. yet
  4. never
  1. Next month I’m going to ________ my friends in New York. I’ll ________ them for a month.
  1. see, live with
  2. visit, stay with
  3. live with, see
  4. stay with, look at
  1.  –What are you doing at the ______?
  1. I’m waiting for my train to come.
  1. airport
  2. seaside
  3. railway station
  4. bus stop
  1.  – Is your computer _________?
  1. Oh, no. It’s rather cheap. It’s not new.
  1. wide  
  2. difficult
  3. different
  4. expensive

Part II “Grammar test”

Task: choose the right variant:

  1. ________ Monday we go to school, but ______ next Monday I won’t go there.
  1. On, —
  2. In, —
  3. In, in
  4. On, in
  1. Do you always go to the swimming pool ____ half _____ two?
  1. at, to
  2. in, at
  3. in, after
  4. at, past
  1. Look! It’s Sam, isn’t it? Where ____ he ______?
  1. does, go
  2. did, go
  3. do, going
  4. is, going
  1. We can’t keep milk here, _________?
  1. can’t we
  2. don’t we
  3. are we
  4. can we
  1. My mother ______ never _______ work.
  1. is, late at
  2. comes, late in
  3. is, late for
  4. was, late at
  1. Last Sunday Betty left _____ Moscow _____ London.
  1. from, to
  2. —-, in
  3. —-, for
  4. from, in
  1. This computer game is _____ one, but my mother thinks it is _________
  1. the most difficult, the easiest
  2. the most difficult, the most easy
  3. the difficultiest, the easiest
  4. the difficultiest, the most easy
  1. London is famous _______ its museums.
  1. with
  2. because
  3. for
  4. of
  1. What _____ him ______ last Sunday?
  1. happened with, on
  2. happen to, —
  3. did happen with, —-
  4. happened to, —-
  1. John ______ the door of his house yesterday.
  1. didn’t locked
  2. no locked
  3. doesn’t locked
  4. didn’t lock
  1.  – Why _____ these lovely flowers?
  1. Because I _______ to visit my Granny this evening.
  1. have you got, am going
  2. do you got, am go
  3. is you got, shall
  4. have you got, go
  1.  – What’s your flat like?
  1. __________________
  1. I like it a lot.
  2. It’s small but comfortable.
  3. I’d like to have a large flat.
  4. I very like it.
  1. Look! The dinner is ready. My sister ________ it!
  1. cooked
  2. have cooked
  3. has cooked
  4. is going to cook
  1. Ann ________ to Africa.
  1. has never been
  2. never was
  3. was never
  4. has been never
  1.  – Jill ______ a new car two weeks ago. ________ it?
  1. No, not yet.
  1. has bought, Have you seen
  2. bought, Have you seen
  3. buyed, Did you see
  4. have bought, will you see

Лексико-грамматическая контрольная работа (тест) для учащихся 4 класса

по УМК «Английский язык» И.Н.Верещагиной, О.В.Афанасьевой

 (для школ с углубленным изучением английского языка) в рамках

базовой темы: “Round-up lessons”

Variant II

Part I “Lexical test”

Task: choose the right variant:

  1. There are four _________ in a year.
  1. months
  2. seasons
  3. weeks
  4. days
  1. ___________ is the first month of the year.
  1. March
  2. September
  3. January
  4. December
  1. Lessons usually start at 8 ______________ .
  1. hours
  2. o’clock
  3. ages
  4. morning
  1.  – What is the weather like today?
  1. _________________________
  1. It’s terrible.
  2. I like it very much.
  3. It’s September.
  4. There is a lot of snow on the ground in winter.
  1. Schoolchildren wear _________ at their sport lessons.
  1. sport tights
  2. high boots
  3. jackets
  4. trainers
  1. My brother works in a hospital. He is a ____________ .
  1. pupil
  2. teacher
  3. doctor
  4. pilot
  1. My mother has got a sister Mary. Mary is my ___________ .
  1. cousin
  2. uncle
  3. aunt
  4. grandmother
  1.  — __________________ bag is it?
  1. It’s my mother’s bag.
  1. Who
  2. Whose
  3. What
  4. Why
  1. Bears are ________, cows are _________, hamsters are _________.
  1. wild animals, pets, domestic animals.
  2. wild animals, domestic animals, pets.
  3. animals , pets, wild animals.
  4. pets, wild animals, domestic animals.
  1. Hares have got very long _______, but very short _______.
  1. ears,  shoulders
  2. eyes, fingers
  3. eyes, tails
  4. ears, tails
  1. Christmas, Halloween, Easter are lovely __________.
  1. celebrate
  2. holidays
  3. weekdays
  4. decorations
  1. The _______ is the name of the planet we live on.
  1. Earth
  2. Ground
  3. Nature
  4. Land
  1. You can see many _______ in the __________.
  1. trees, forest
  2. forests, trees
  3. rivers, ocean
  4. water, sea
  1. The day after today is _______, the day before today is ________.
  1. tomorrow, yesterday
  2. next day, last day
  3. yesterday, tomorrow
  4. soon, the day before
  1. We put clothes _______ when we go out and take them _____ when we come home.
  1. in, on
  2. out, in
  3. on, off
  4. on, on

Part II “Grammar test”

Task: choose the right variant:

  1. How _____ the weather today?
  1. is
  2. was
  3. are
  4. does
  1. _________ it snow last month?
  1. Is
  2. Does
  3. Did
  4. Will
  1.  – Where are you from?
  1. _________ from Russia.
  1. You is
  2. We are
  3. I do
  4. We was
  1. I usually ______ jeans, but now I ______ my favourite dress, because it’s my birthday today.
  1. do wear, wear
  2. wear, is wearing
  3. wear, am wearing
  4. am wearing, wears
  1. My mother usually ______ tea for breakfast.
  1. have
  2. is having
  3. has
  4. haves
  1. Nick has got a sister. These are his ________ dolls.
  1. sisters
  2.  sister
  3. sister’s
  4. sisters’
  1. ____________ a grandmother?
  1. Have you got
  2. You have got
  3. Do you have got
  4. Do you got
  1. Look! There _______ a cat on the table.
  1. are
  2. is
  3. sit
  4. sleep
  1. There ______ fruit juice at home.
  1. is much
  2. are much
  3. are many
  4. is any
  1. Mary is ______ student in the class. She gets only bad marks.
  1. the baddest
  2. best
  3. the worst
  4. badder
  1.  – Can you hear ______?
  1. No, but I can see _______.
  1. anybody, nobody
  2. nothing, nobody
  3. nobody, anything
  4. anything, somebody
  1. My friends ________ to the river, because it was very cold yesterday.
  1. are going
  2. didn’t went
  3. don’t go
  4. did not go
  1. Crocodiles have got very big _________.
  1. tooth
  2. teeth
  3. tooths
  4. teeths
  1. What time ______ you usually go ___ bed ____ the weekends?
  1. do, in, at
  2. did, to, in
  3. do, to, at
  4. will, in, in
  1.  – What ____ you _____ tomorrow?
  1. I think, I ______ watch TV.
  1. will, do, shall
  2. do, will, will
  3. are, do, shall
  4. will, do, ——


Variant I

Part I:

1B, 2B, 3C, 4C, 5D, 6C, 7C, 8B, 9D, 10D, 11C, 12B, 13B, 14C, 15D.

Part II:

1A, 2D, 3D, 4D, 5C, 6C, 7A, 8C, 9D, 10D, 11A, 12B, 13C, 14A, 15B.

Variant II

Part I:

1B, 2C, 3B, 4A, 5D, 6C, 7C, 8B, 9B, 10D, 11B, 12A, 13A, 14A, 15C.

Part II:

1A, 2C, 3B, 4C, 5C, 6C, 7A, 8B, 9A, 10C, 11D, 12D, 13B, 14C, 15A.