Тексты для подготовки к экзамену по английскому языку, 4 класс

My working day

I usually get up at 7 o’clock on week-days. I make my bed, open the window and do my morning exercises. Then I go to the bathroom where I clean my teeth and wash myself. After bathroom I go back to my room where I dress myself and brush my hair. In 10 minutes I’m ready for breakfast. After breakfast I do my homework. Then I have a short rest. I have dinner at 11 o’clock. I go to school at 12 o’clock. Every day I have got 4 or 5 lessons. After lessons I go home and have a rest. Eight o’clock is supper time in our family. After supper we all go to the living room and watch TV.

At 10 o’clock I go to bed.

My day off

Pupils have only one day off. It is Sunday.  I like this day very much. I wake up later. When I get up, I make my bed, wash myself, and then I have breakfast. I usually have tea with sandwiches. After breakfast I do my homework and then I can go outside to play with my friends. Sometimes we can go to the cinema. We like watching films and cartoons. I enjoy my days off very much.

My family

Our family is not large. It consists of four people. They are: my mother, my father, my sister and me. My mother’s name is Anna. She is 40.She is tall. She has got big brown eyes. My mother is a very nice woman. My father’s name is Boris. He is 42. He is tall. His hair is short and dark. My sister’s name is Tanya. She is 15.She is a pupil. Tanya likes music and she plays the piano. In the evening our family likes watching TV. Sometimes we go to the theatre or to a concert. When the weather is fine, we like to go for a walk.

About myself

Hello, my name is Victor. My surname is Ivanov. I was born on April 7. I am 10. I am in the 4th form. I live in a good flat in Makhachkala. I have got a mother, a father, a brother and a sister. I am tall. My hair is short. My eyes are big and brown. I have a straight nose. I learn many interesting subjects at school. They are: English, Russian, History, Music and others. I like reading English books. My hobby is swimming. I have got many friends.

My friend

I have got a friend. His name is Kostya. He is 10. His face is round and eyes are blue. His hair is short and fair. My friend is in the 4th form. He is a good pupil. He often helps me to do my homework. We go for walks, read and discuss books together and we go to the cinema. Kostya likes computer games. He has got many interesting games and sometimes we play together. I like my friend very much.

My friend

I have got a friend. Her name is Tanya. She is a nice girl. She is short. Her eyes are brown. Her hair is dark and long. Tanya is 10. She is in the 4th form. She likes to study at school. Her favourite subject is English. My friend likes music. She plays the piano well. Tanya likes playing computer games. He has got many interesting games and sometimes we play together. I like my friend very much.

At the cinema

I like going to the cinema. There are 4 cinemas in Makhachkala: Druzhba, Russia, October and Cinema-hall. When I have free time I always go to see a new film with my friends. But at first I usually look in the Internet what films are on. Then I phone my friends and we discuss what films to see. At the cinema we buy popcorn, biscuits and drinks. The last film we saw was ‘The Beauty and The Beast’. We have got good time at the cinema.  

The seasons

Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn are the seasons of the year.
   December, January and February are winter months. The weather is cold. Usually it snows. The days are short and the nights are long.
   March, April and May are spring months. Spring is a very nice season. The weather is fine and it is warm. There are many green trees in the streets, in the parks and in the yards.

June, July and August are summer months. Summer is usually hot or warm. The days are long and the nights are short. The pupils don’t go to school, they have their summer holidays. 

September, October and November are autumn months. Autumn is cool. It often rains. The days become shorter and the nights become longer.

Тест по английскому языку: Переводной экзамен по английскому языку, 4 класс

Часть 2. Грамматика 

                           Контрольная работа 4 класс.

  1. Прочитай предложения и выбери правильный ответ.

1. My brother _______________ at the hospital six days a week.

a. worked           b. works

2. Steve is a policeman. He _______________ be polite and wear a uniform.

a. must        b. may

3. There is _______________ sugar in the cake.

a. much               b. many

4. Look! She _______________ the piano.

a. plays               b. is playing

5. A dolphin is _______________ than a giraffe.

a. cleverer                       b. the cleverest

6. He is the _______________ student in our school. He always gets only good and excellent marks.

a. best                                  b. better

7. Max and Maya _______________ at the zoo last Sunday.

a. went     b. go

 8. My father and I _______________ to Moscow next week.

a. go                                    b. will go

      2. Составь связные предложения.

c)  likes, in, to, books, the, read, mother, evening, my;


2) computer, Saturdays, on, games, my, plays, sister;


3) you, hands, eat, do, wash, you, your, before;


4) like, football, we, to, play;


5)the, went, to, they, park, yesterday,

        3.Раскрой скобки, употребив глагол в Past Simple.

The Red Cow (1) _____ (live) in the field of beautiful flowers. In the morning she (2) _____ (give) lessons to her daughter. In the afternoon they (3) _____ (eat) sweet green grass. In the evening the Red Cow (4) _____ (think) about her happy life. One night the Red Cow (5) _____ (get) up suddenly and (6) _____ (begin) to dance. There (7) _____ (be) no music but she (8) _____ (dance). Then she (9) _____ (want) to stop but she could not.      

                      4.Прочитай текст и ответь на вопросы. 

Unusual school day

It was a beautiful morning on Friday. Fred watched his favourite cartoon on TV. Then he had breakfast with his brother David. After breakfast he said, “Goodbye”, to his family and rode his bike to school. He put his bike next to the wall. He always put his bike there – with all his friends’ bikes.

Fred went into his classroom and put his books on the desk. The room was very quite because no children were there. The teacher was not there too. That was strange. What happened to his classmates? He sat down at his desk and took his pen from his bag. Then he looked around and saw some people outside the window.

Fred saw his teacher with a guitar and all his friends. In front of them there were two clowns. The first clown threw a tomato at the second clown. It went into his mouth. All the children laughed. Fred stood up quickly. “Oh yes!” he said, “It’s our last school day today. It’s the school party!” He ran outside and  sat with his friends.

What day was it? Friday

a) What did Fred do before breakfast? _____________________________

b) How did he go to school? _____________________________

c) Where were his friends and the teacher? _____________________________

d) How many clowns were there? _____________________________

e) Why did they have a party? _____________________________

           5. Напиши ответ, дополнив незаконченные предложения.

My name __________________________________________________________

I live in____________________________________________________________

I am ______________________________________________________________

I live with __________________________________________________________

My favourite school subject ___________________________________________

In my free time____________________________________________________

I can ___________________________________________________________

Билеты по английскому языку 4 класс

                                                                    № 1 About myself.


Hello, my name is……………………..

I am ……..years old.

 I`m from Russia, from Tula.

Tula is an old Russian city.

I am a pupil, I go to school from Monday to Friday.

I have a lot of friends at school.

We like jumping, running, singing.

 I am fond of  playing computer games with my friends at home.

I like to watch TV and go for a walk with my parents.

At weekends  we often go to the country to see our grandparents.

I love my parents very much, we are good friends!



            № 2 My family.


Hello, my name is………………………..

I am………………years old.

I am from Russia, from Tula.

We are a family of…………….

I have a mother, a father, a sister and a brother.

My mother is 34. Her name is Helen. She doesn`t work, she is a housewife.

She has a lot of work to do at home.

My father is 38. His name is Andrew, he is a businessmen, he works hard.

My sister is a baby, she is only 3, she doesn`t go to school.

My brother is 7, he is a pupil too, he goes to school with me.

I love my family very much.          


                                               № 3  Daily life (распорядокдня).


Hello, my name is……………

I usually get up at 7 o`clock.

Then I do exercises, take a shower, have breakfast and go to school.

At 10 o`clock we have lunch.

We usually have 5 or 6 lessons a day and I come home at 2 o`clock.

I have dinner at 3 o`clock, and at 3.30 I go for a walk with my dog.

At 5 o`clock I often play games with my friends.

And only at 6 o`clock I begin to do my homework.

At 8 o`clock we have supper, after supper my father likes to play chess with me or we watch TV together.

I go to bed at 10 or 11 o`clock. Bye .




                                               № 4 School life (школьнаяжизнь).


Hello, my name is………………..

I am from Russia, from Tula.

I am……………years old.

I am a pupil. I go to school from Monday to Friday.

We learn many interesting things at school, I like to study.

We have Russian, Literature, English, Maths, Handicraft,  P.E., Art, Nature Study.

My favourite subjects are …………………………..and………………………….

But most of all I like………………………………………..

I don`t like………………………..and……………………………

After 2 o`clock we usually have our sports.

Boys can play football, tennis, basketball.

Girls can play tennis. They like to run and jump too.

I like my school very much!



                                                                № 5   My home.


Hello! My name is…………………..

I am…………………..years old.

I am from Russia, from Tula.

I live in the block of flats.

My flat is not big but very nice.

There are three rooms in it.

We have a small kitchen, a bathroom and a toilet too.

My room is the biggest in our flat.

It is very comfortable and bright.

There is a desk, a bed, a chair and a bookcase in my room.

I`ve got a lot of interesting books in it.

The walls in my room are yellow and the carpet is brown.

I like my room very much!



                                                                   № 6 London.


London is the capital of England.

It is its political and business centre.

The heart of London is the City. It is the oldest part of London, many people work there.

The other interesting place is the Tower of London.

It was a fortress, a palace, a prison, the King`s Zoo, now it is a museum. It is also famous for its ravens.

One of the famous English churches is St Paul`s Cathedral. It was built by Sir Christopher Wren in the 17th century.

Trafalgar Square is in the centre of London.

 Not far from it the National Gallery is situated, which is one of the best picture galleries in the world.

Every day lots of tourists visit London.


                                                                    № 7  The USA.


The capital of America is Washington DC. It is a very big city with lots of places to visit.

You can visit the White House ( the residence of the President).

The Capitol is a museum where you can learn more about the first settlements in New England.

The American flag is often called «The Stars and Stripes».

You can see the American flag in shops and offices, in streets.

One of the most famous symbols is the Statue of Liberty.

France gave it to America in 1884 as a symbol of friendship.

The eagle became the official national symbol of the country in 1782.

The USA has the national hymn too.

Every state in America has its own flag, its own symbol and its own song too.



                                                               № 8  My country.


Russia is my country. It is the biggest country in the world.

Russia is situated on two continents: Europe and Asia.

The Volga is the longest river in Europe.

There are a lot of mountains, rivers, lakes and forests in my country.

The Russian flag has three stripes: white, blue and red.

Another symbol of Russia is the birch tree (березка).

Moscow is the capital of Russia. A lot of people live in it.

The city is situated on seven hills.

On one of them is The Kremlin with its beautiful red walls and famous towers.

Our people are very talented. We can name many of those who are well-known all over the world: Leo Tolstoy, Anton Chekhov, Yuri Gagarin (the first Russian cosmonaut).

I love my country very much!



Учебно-методический материал (английский язык) на тему: Методические материалы для подготовки к экзамену по учебнику Верещагиной в 4 классе

По теме: методические разработки, презентации и конспекты

Материалы для подготовки к экзамену по литературе. 9 класс

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Материалы для подготовки к экзамену по биологии.

Материал содержит примеры биологических задач с решениями и примеры задач для самостоятельного решения. Будет полезен при подготовке к экземену….

Сборник материалов для подготовки к экзамену на квалификацию «Военный переводчик»

Сборник материалов по военному переводу составлен в соответствии с программой, рекомендованной Управлением военного образования Министерства обороны Российской Федерации.Сборник материалов предназначе…

Материалы по подготовке к экзаменам

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Сборник материалов для подготовки к экзамену по литературе (ЕГЭ), для проведения уроков

Тема любви в творчестве А.П.Чехова и И.Бунина….

Справочные материалы для подготовки к экзамену 9 класс

Справочные материалы для подготовки к экзамену 9 класс…

Тесты по английскому языку для 4-го класса


Прочитайте текст, состоящий из 6 частей ( A-F).
Перед вами 5 вопросов (1-5) к разным частям текста.
Установите в каких частях текста можно найти
ответы на эти вопросы. Ответ на каждый вопрос
можно найти только в одной части текста. Занесите
свои ответы в таблицу, приведенную ниже, где под
номером вопроса впишите соответствующую букву. В
задании одна часть текста лишняя.


A. Once upon a time there lived a family of rabbits. There were five of them:
Mr.Rabbit, Mrs.Rabbit and little baby-rabbits. Their parents called them “bunnies” and
they loved them very much.

B. Sweety was big and fat. He liked only sweets, chocolate, sugar and honey. He
didn’t like vegetables and porridge. Their sister’s name was Fruity. As you can see by
her name, she liked fruit very much.

C. Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit bought their children the food they liked.

D. One day Mrs. Rabbit went shopping and bought many apples, sweets, potatoes, oranges,
cakes, a box of  chocolate, ice-cream, carrots and tomatoes for breakfast.

E. She gave sweets, cakes, ice-cream and a box of chocolate to Sweety and he was happy.
She gave apples and oranges to Fruity.She gave potatoes and carrots to Potato.

F. But what about tomatoes? Whom did she give tomatoes to? What is a tomato? It is a
fruit! So she gave tomatoes to Fruity.


  1. Was Sweety big and fat?
  2. Whom did Mrs. Rabbit give tomatoes to?
  3. How did the parents call their children?
  4. What did Mrs. Rabbit give to Sweety?
  5. What did Mrs. Rabbit buy one day?

1 2 3 4 5


Прочитайте письмо английского мальчика Майка
Робинсона, который решил завести переписку с
кем-нибудь в Австралии. В письме есть пропуски,
обозначенные номерами А1-А10. Эти номера
соответствуют заданиям А1-А10, в которых
представлены возможные варианты ответов.
Запишите номер выбранного вами варианта ответа.
Например: А1-2.

Dear Pen Friend,

Hello! My name ( A1) Mike Robinson. I (A2) from Bodmin, it’s the town of Cornwall. It
(A3) half an hour to get to the ocean from our place by car. We often (A4) there in the
summer. I like swimming very much.

I like football, too. We (A5) football at school. It’s a pity the field is rather
small. Bodmin is on the hills and it’s difficult to find a place for the field.

I have already (A6) to London. I have (A7) the Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral,
Trafalgar Square and other interesting places. I have (A8) a lot about the history of
London. Have you ever been to London?

My favourite food is fish. My father (A9) a job in the bank. He says that in Australia
there are a lot of people from Cornwall. They (A10) to Australia ten years ago.

Write soon!

Best wishes, Mike.









1) am

1) am

1) take

1) go

1) play

1) be

1) see

1) learn

1) haveсс
2) is

2) is

2) takes

2) goes

2) plays

2) was

2) saw

2) learnsсс

2) hasсс
3) are

3) are

3) took

3) went

3) played

3) been

3) seen

3) learnt

3) had



Вы услышите 5 коротких объявлений директора
школы на утреннем собрании перед учениками
(ASSEMBLY), когда вся школа собирается, чтобы
послушать последние новости о спортивной и
учебной жизни заведения и получить наставления
или порицания. Установите соответствие между
объявлениями 1-5 и утверждениями, данными в списке
A-F. Используйте каждую букву, обозначающую
утверждение только один раз. В задании есть одно
лишнее утверждение. Вы услышите объявление
дважды. Занесите свои ответы в таблицу.


  1. Our football team is the best one in our city. Yesterday it was a football match between
    two best schools of the city. Our boys played very well. Let’s congratulate them.
  2. Yesterday some pupils were late for classes. Certainly, you know the proverb: “ Better
    late than never”. But you mustn’t be late for classes. Go to bed earlier and get up
    earlier. Come to school in time.
  3. Our school dining-room will not work tomorrow. You must take your lunch boxes. You can
    put there cookies, sandwiches, sweets and juice. Please, don’t forget about your
  4. We are sorry, but the teacher of Math is ill. Tomorrow you will not have Math , you will
    have Physical Education and Handicraft. Please, don’t forget about your uniform.
  5. On Friday it will be a very interesting film on at the cinema “ Odeon”. This cinema
    is not far from our school. It is near the Main Road and tickets are not very expensive.
    So we can go there after classes.

This announcement is about:

  1. the place they can go after classes.
  2. the timetable for the next year.
  3. a packed lunch.
  4. pupils who were late for classes.
  5. the timetable for tomorrow.
  6. sport.

Объявление 1 2 3 4 5



Прочитайте текст, состоящий из 6 частей (А-F).
Перед вами 5 вопросов (1-5) к разным частям текста.
Установите в каких частях текста можно найти
ответы на эти вопросы. Ответ на каждый вопрос
можно найти только в одной части текста. Занесите
свои ответы в таблицу, приведённую ниже, где под
номером вопроса впишите соответствующую букву. В
задании одна часть текста лишняя.

  1. Last Tuesday after classes I went to see Andrew’s new flat. It was not far from our
    school. There was a beautiful
  2. garden with a lot of trees and flowers opposite it.

  3. We came in and went upstairs onto the second floor. Andrew opened the front door with
    the key as it was locked. As we came into the hall we took off our caps and jackets.
  4. The hall was not large but the carpet on the floor made it very comfortable. I saw a big
    bookcase in the corner, a mirrow and three pictures on the walls. In fact the hall was
    like a little room.
  5. Then we went to Andrew’s room, which was behind the sitting-room and next to his
    parents’ bedroom. There was not much furniture in Andrew’s room. There was a wardrobe
    near the sofa and next to it under the window his desk with a lot of exercise-books on it.
  6. There was nothing in the middle of the room, so we could play some games with a ball
    there. I liked Andrew’s armchair very much. It was next to the door and was very large
    and nice.
  7. Andrew’s mother wasn’t at home. We went into the kitchen to have lunch. We warmed
    the soup on the cooker and cooker and took some cold meat and vegetables from the fridge.
  8. Andrew took some cookies from the cupboard and we had them with milk. Everything was
    very tasty. We washed up after the meal. At half past five I left. I think Andrew’s new
    flat is very nice indeed.


  1. Where did they see a bookcase?

  2. What was opposite Andrew’s flat?
  3. Where did they have for lunch?
  4. Where was Andrew’s room?
  5. Why did he like Andrew’s armchair?

1 2 3 4 5

1. Теst in writing for the fourth form

2. Test in writing for the fourth form

МЦКО 4 класс английский язык диагностика 14 марта 2019


МЦКО 4 класс обязательная диагностика по английскому языку демоверсия 14 марта 2019 год.

Скачать демоверсию МЦКО английский язык 4 класс 14.03.2019 : английский-4класс_Демо

Аудирование МЦКО ( аудио ):

Решать МЦКО и готовиться онлайн (ответы опубликованы в конце заданий):

Диагностическая работа проводится 14 марта 2019 г. с целью определения уровня подготовки учащихся 4-х классов по английскому языку.

Диагностическая работа включает задания по аудированию, чтению, грамматике и лексике, письму. Она охватывает содержание, включенное в основные (массовые) учебно-методические комплекты по английскому языку, используемые в Москве в 4-х классах общеобразовательных учреждений.

Каждый вариант диагностической работы состоит из 20 заданий, 10 из которых с выбором одного правильного ответа из трёх или четырёх предложенных, 9 заданий с кратким ответом и одно задание с развёрнутым ответом. В рамках данной диагностической работы сложность заданий в целом не превышает требований уровня А1 по общей европейской шкале, определённой в документах Совета Европы.

В задании 1 проверяется сформированность умения услышать и понять запрашиваемую информацию в звучащем тексте. Прослушав рассказ, учащиеся выбирают пять правильных предложений из восьми предложенных.

В заданиях 2–6 оценивается умение найти и понять запрашиваемую информацию в прочитанном тексте. Учащимся предлагается прочитать текст и определить, является ли информация в утверждениях верной, неверной или в тексте нет такой информации. В качестве текстов для чтения учащимся предлагаются несложные аутентичные информационные, научно-популярные, художественные тексты, которые содержат некоторое количество незнакомых слов, не влияющих на понимание запрашиваемой информации. Объем текста до 250 слов.
В заданиях 7-11 контролируются языковые навыки. Учащиеся читают текст и выбирают правильный ответ из четырёх предложенных для каждого пропуска.

В заданиях 12-15 проверяются лексические навыки учащихся. Учащимся необходимо напечатать слово, соответствующее изображению на картинке.

В заданиях 16-19 проверяются лексические навыки учащихся. Учащимся необходимо прочитать пять слов и выбрать одно слово, которое по значению отличается от других.

Задание 20 проверяет умение давать запрашиваемую информацию в личном письме. Учащимся необходимо прочитать письмо от английского друга (подруги) и ответить на его (её) вопросы, напечатав ответы в пропусках в ответном письме. Задание 20 оценивается по критериям.

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